Using Calm Down Bottles in the Classroom #sensorybottles
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Using Calm Down Bottles in the Classroom #sensorybottles

Mskcpotter: Using Chill Out Bottles in the Classroom (calm down sensory bottles) Where to Buy

So I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest looking at pictures of calm down sensory bottles and have been dying to make ALL THE BOTTLES. I used them in my classroom last year and they worked great! I have a couple of steadfast rules for myself when it comes to classroom management. If at ALL possible I like to deal with the problem behavior myself. As soon as I have someone else handle a situation, the student has more power. I also prefer to handle problem behavior as quietly and unobtrusively as possible. A lot of the time, a student will act out MORE if they know they will get attention for doing so. Enter calm down bottles! When to use: 1. If you see that student is having an off day. 2. If you realize that a student’s behavior is about to escalate. 3. If a student is particularly unfocused. 4. These are also great for students with special needs/autism. How to use: At the beginning of the year, I introduce my students to the concept of the calm down bottle (I call them “Chill Out Bottles” in my room so it seems less childish). I do this so that I know they understand the concept and are not surprised if one ends up on their desk. When the situation arises, I would calmly walk over to the student in question and silently place the bottle on the student’s desk. No conversation or further attention is necessary. Because you have to buy so many materials up front in order to make just one, they can get pretty pricey. Even though I have been dying to make all the bottles, I couldn't justify the cost of the materials. What I finally decided to do was to go ahead and get all the materials and make doubles of the bottles I want in my classroom. Then I decided to sell the remaining bottles to you guys! Click Here to See Sensory Bottles in my TPT store Click Here to See Sensory Bottles in my TPT store Close-ups of the bottles (I love to look at them myself) Click Here to See Sensory Bottles in my TPT store


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